Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Andrew Hieronymi

■ Artist: Andrew Hieronymi
■ Title: MOVE
■ Year: 2005
■ Work Description:
MOVE is an interactive installation divided into six distinct modules, JUMP, AVOID, CHASE, THROW, HIDE and COLLECT. Each module offers a single-user interaction, based on a verb corresponding to the action the participant is invited to perform. Each verb corresponds to a common procedure acted out by avatars during videogame play. Each module offers an interaction with abstracted shapes (circles, rectangles) behaving according to simplified rules of physics (collision, friction). Each module is color-coded with consistency, where the color red is used for the graphical element that poses the core challenge. Each module increases difficulty in a similar linear manner.

What makes MOVE unusual is that unlike most computer vision or sensor based games like Eye-toy or Dance Dance Revolution, the participant IS the avatar, he is not seeing a representation of herself or an indirect result of her actions on a separate screen but instead interacts directly with the projected graphical constituents of the game. Because those graphical elements are non-representational they do not allow for a projection in a fictional space. The combination of abstracted shapes and direct interaction reinforces in the player the focus on the action itself (JUMP, AVOID, CHASE, THROW, HIDE or COLLECT) instead of an ulterior goal.

MOVE는 뛰기, 피하기, 쫓기, 던지기, 숨기, 모으기의 6가지 동작 모듈로 구성된 인터랙티브 설치이다. 각 모듈은 작품에 참여하는 관객의 행동에 따르는 동사(verb)를 기반으로 한 단일 사용자 인터랙션을 제공한다. 각 동사는 아바타를 통해 비디오게임을 즐기는 것과 같은 처리과정을 갖는다. 모듈마다 원이나 사각형 등의 추상적인 형체를 갖고 간단한 물리적인 규칙에 따라 행동하게 된다.

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